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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Internet Scum lesson #1 extreme furries

Right, who here doesn't know what a furry is?

How come? how the hell you never seen one? tell me of this safe haven

But i am not here to actually do this on all Furies , i am sure you can do that otherwise
Normal kinds which is okay in my eyes
1. Normal artists, who just drew non extremely sexualized furry art (  I DON"T CARE how realistic your six titted dog girl is, i prefer the two breasted)
2.Fans of Fiction on Furries, you know Star Fox, Rachet and Clank, Sonic
3.Cosplayer who goes to con for fun, and not looking to fuck everyone when you get there, not that they ever get any
4. Shapeshifting Fans, i am partially guilty for this, I like to play werewolf the apoc

The middle Ground of all of this
1. People studying Totemism and symbolism as either real interest or a fad, try talking to one of this about the nature of their belief, real one tend to be calm just like we are when we are talking religion, while the rest...... not so much

Now prepare to delve into the darkworld
1. Liking Furry porn for being Furry porn, not just some nearly human animal either, no, this things border on half and half bestiality, eight tits horse is riding on  40 inch cock of a dog, or worse , don't make me think of worse
2.Otherkin: these people doesn't believe they are human, they are something else trapped in human body, refused to be called by their human name on the net , hell normals seems to think they are a bunch of nutjobs
3. EXTREEMMMEEE version of the above : yes extremity on another extremity oh good, this people believe they are something else, doesn't want to be considered human, think they have special power, make up special names for themselves, oh my fucking god, this guys would then say " I am not obliged to follow your human rules" and somehow feel the need to reiterate " You humans are bastards"
we are awesome bastards
better than YOU
who else nailed their god into trees?
who else do war with each other so that we could keep on surviving?(we replaced nature choice with social system and war)
who is the most advanced species again

Damn right we are

3. Next up the cess pool of them all, people who love stuffed animals, not your cute son and daughter love, but you know they make holes/attach a phallic object to the stuffed animals, and ..... then there are persons who wants got dressed as animals then have sex which is not even biology correct, they never got any

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