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Thursday, September 2, 2010

HAI GAIZ this is a new post

Hey this is a new update
today i am going to tell you how to prevent drug addiction in the simplest way

1. Pick a hobby that will lay waste to your money and time
like say....... WARHAMMER 40K or WoW, they both works
let's look at WH40K. To start playing you will most likely bought a starter set, which will set you back 150 dollar ish(australian) , then you need a case 80 dollar ish, the you buy that codex that you want to use 30 dollar. Which mean the starting cost is 260 dollar, of course like all other money mongering hobby a starter set wouldn't win you anything past the 3 first game
then you buy trinkets, like those vehicle , characters, FORGEFUCKINWORLD. as you can see this begin to look like the pattern of drug addiction, the only thing different is, this thing wouldn't kill you sooner than you expected, At most? death by hunger

2.Go play with people that have the same hobby
yes now that you have a 1000 dollar plastic/metal/resin army , of course you want to use them
go play with people with the same hobby, or better yet DRAG people into the hobby, you are saving their life you see. This people wouldn't have the money and time to do drugs, therefore placing you in a relatively safe community (not accounting nerd rages now and then, deal with it)

there you have it Talis way of avoiding drugs by playing plastic soldiers
COOL plastic soldier

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