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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why the Na'vi is fucked

1. It was a mercenary force and a company that decides to attack the Na'vi, a corporation did that much damage to the whole society. Now try imagine somewhere far off in the future, Earth goverment body realize
"OH SHIT WE NEED THAT MINERAL" what is the biggest source we have found? oooh a planet
We have acted like bastards to our own species and planet at this point, why not THEIRS

2. High altitude bombardment, Quadritch didn't know this thing called "height", nuke them from the altitude where their dragonbird can't fly , poosh, we nuke our own people back in 1945, tell me why shouldn't we do this again, if someday reason #1 happens

3.Diplomacy shemancy, do we actually send diplomats anymore?, you know after the last guy seemingly go over their side and said "let's side with them" would we again send diplomat? the answer is a maybe, we might see them once or twice.... but if they start to actually either convert this guy OR they actually decided to harm him, refer to solution  #2